serendipity (NOUN) \ˌser-ən-ˈdi-pə-tē\[mass noun]
      :the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.
      ‘a fortunate stroke of serendipity’

An ancient Persian fairy tale, once told the story of three fortuitous Princes from the far-east land of Serendip, who travelled the world together and
stumbled upon a great many wonders.
Derived from the Persian word Sarândip (پیسرند), it originated from the
Sanskrit word, ‘Suvarnadweepa’, which translates to ‘Golden Island’.
Sri Lanka, so the story goes, was named Serendip on account of this tale of fortunate happenstance. As for the word ‘serendipity’, it originates from the fictitious adventures of the princes, in which they discover something new and wonderful, without ever meaning to.

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serendip·ity retreats

Serendipity Retreats, with our eclectic series of unique properties, offer you the chance to test your fortunes as you explore and discover the many hidden jewels of this resplendent isle. From the cool climes of the lush green mountains to the salty freshness of our coastal towns, our secret hideaways give you the best chance to experience Sri Lanka at its most authentic and hospitable.


Serendip·ity Retreats offers tastefully curated properties for those who love nature, fun and relaxation. We invite guests to join us in our humble abodes, all equally isolated and unrestricted. Enjoy the wholesome harvest from the mountains to the fresh produce of the sea, and experience rest or recreation as you please.

Comfortable living camouflaged by an innocuous façade. A piece of history, both preserved and modernized. A home made from a slice of antiquity.


The past preserved, yet continues to bubble with activity. Situated in the south of Ceylon, Galle Fort greets the new while sustaining the old.

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This humble retreat on an islet of legends, taking its name from the life-giving palmyrah tree. Providing upscale accommodation for greater comfort and adventure.


A land of nature and myths, located in the north-west corner of Sri Lanka, on the mystical border of two seas.

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Set in the middle of lush greenery blooming with radiant hibiscus which curtains a beautiful boulder formation against the never ending ocean, Villa Thuya is the perfect luxury seclusion in the southern shores of the island.


A picturesque village with golden soft beaches, with remnants of ancient history in the form of temples, a large interior expanse of river and islands and cinnamon plantations, Balapitiya is traditionally a fishing village, away from the main stream tourist resorts.

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Rest and relaxation a short drive away from the bustle city. A quiet life of fun and games by the running waters of the lake.


A lake of harmony and pleasure, where serenity is abundant and fun can be made. Observe nature surrounding you in the lap of luxury.

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Located in the core of the country, bordered by virgin cloud forests and verdant mountains, Dendrobium House is located in a truly idyllic location, with access to the country's history, culture, nature, and economy


A scenic mountain range placed firmly in the island's heart, a treasure trove of life and fertility where all the country's rivers flow from, it isn't an exaggeration to say that the Hantana Mountain Range is the source of life for virtually the entire nation.

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